Farming in BCC

We started farming in 2010 when we got some funds from a local bank to fence the garden against goats of the community members that could eat up our plants.

We mostly grow beans, maize and other traditional vegetables that we use to feed the neediest children learning in BCC and kids staying in the rescue home. In case we have excess surplus from the garden, we sell it to the community members thus getting some income to buy other basic necessities for the rescue home children, as well as seeds and other farm inputs.


Fortunately we were able to drill a borehole to water our farm, which results in richer harvest, however our current watering system is not the most efficient, thus we plan to introduce a drip irrigation system that helps to save water and money, and would hopefully result in more successful gardening and more crops.

However, our resources are quite limited thus we kindly ask our friends and sponsors to help us to raise the necessary funds to establish a drip irrigation system.

Support us

There are several ways you can help our schools in Matopeni: sponsor a child, donate our feeding program, buy a school uniform, volunteer or raise funds for us. 

Any donations – no matter how small – to support our programs are very welcome.