Only together we can

We provide a well-free education through sponsorship for all poverty-stricken orphans in Matopeni Slum and its environs regardless of their religion, tribe or gender. Our aim is to give these children the opportunity to escape poverty through quality education so that they have access to meaningful employment and full life.


About US

The Boston Children Centre is a community based organization (C.B.O) taking care of Orphans, destitute and vulnerable children Matopeni Slum.

The establishment of the Centre was in response to devastating poverty experienced in Matopeni Slum that leads to multitude illiteracy and school dropout of the neediest orphans and destitute children coming from poor families. The aim was to find a way of helping the neediest children – both girls and boys – to escape illiteracy. Thus we established a centre  where they have access to basic education to inhibit the future literacy and economic well being.