Who we are


We are a community based charitable organization making a difference in the lives of hundreds of needy children through rescue, holistic rehabilitation and reintegration back to society. We are a duly registered C.B.O under Kenya Laws mandated to oversee both residential and community based child care programs alongside community empowerment initiatives.

The Boston Children Centre (B.C.C.) has been serving the community of Matopeni since the year 2002 when it was founded by a group of 9 community members lead by Stephen Okwaro – with a motto of “Education for life”

Our rescue home

BCC rescue home has become a home and a hope to street children, orphans, abandoned, abused, HIV & AIDS affected and infected, desperate and neglected children regardless of their religion, sex, color or tribe, who have nowhere to call home and no one to care for them. We then provide them with food, shelter, clothing, education, medical care, spiritual care, mentorship and – most importantly – parental love.

At B.C.C we consider quality integrated education as the best mode of rehabilitation. Through this program, we facilitate full transformation of rescued children from the street by supporting them through formal and informal education until they acquire the highest level of their education including University and training based on their ability.

We also take vulnerable child-mothers and offer them a second chance to acquire basic education, skills training in various trades (mainly tailoring, hair-dressing, knitting and cookery) to complement formal education and equip them with lucrative skills for future self-reliance.

We facilitate safe learning spaces

Starting as a children centre in the early 2002 Boston centre Matopeni is now a part of a wide-scale local community project focusing on education of children from poor families that would otherwise not afforded to. We also rescue , street kids and abused children who are later integrated into the community after transformation period.

Our values










Hard work

Our Mission

Is to facilitate sustainable development, changes in negative community attitudes, knowledge, networking and service provisioning through the availability of better education and improved vocational skills. We provide quality education to the needy of the neediest, thus ensure the well-being and improved life-quality of orphans, destitute and marginalized children in the community regardless of their religion, tribe or gender.

Our Vision

Is to build a literate, healthy, sustainable, equitable and empowered community. We want to provide young orphans with useful and necessary knowledge and skills – such as primary and secondary education, information technology skills, woodworking and sewing – that will help them to become productive and self-reliant members of the community.

Support us

There are several ways you can help our schools in Matopeni: sponsor a child, donate our feeding program, buy a school uniform, volunteer or raise funds for us. 

Any donations – no matter how small – to support our programs are very welcome.

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