— We Rescue & Educate

Children are facing tough challenges as they grow up in poverty. We rescue street,vulnerable and destitute kids to give them a home to stay. While in our rescue centre we nurture, transform to change from street life behaviors and later in-cooperate them into education system at Boston children centre. Many children in slums loose their parents. In extreme poverty and with no family/guardian to stay with, they opt to become street boys/girls. With your support, we can rescue many kids to get  better education, life skills among others thus making a better world for all.


— We Build Networks

We partner with charitable organizations, volunteers and sponsor to fund and support education of vulnerable kids. So far quite a number of children that grew up in B.C.C are attending technical/ Vocational skills and university studies in various institutions across Kenya. We believe that after they are through will get jobs thus earn to support themselves and their immediate family members.


— Community Outreach program

We strengthen the local community especially women in Micro finance of their small businesses. Provision of food stuffs to sick and poor community members. provision of medicine to the sick slum dwellers.


— Community Outreach program

We believe that Education is an integral part of the community. We provide kenyan based education system under Kenya National Examination Counsil.


— We Provide Care

Through our programs, we promote healthy immune systems and enable children to develop through adolescence and into adulthood.


— Community Service

Apart from classroom activities, we also pay heed to other important festivals which must be celebrated in order to understand our country’s tradition and culture.


Bringing Dreams within Reach for Children

The Keys to a New Future for Exploited Chlidren

Finding a New Life and self realization Matopeni slums